Models: t12, t16

The Thermo-Craft garage door series, crafted in our classic design, delivers dependable construction and excellent thermal efficiency.

Sizing options

Door Product T12 T16
R-Value 10 16
Thickness 1-1/8" 1-3/4"
Available Widths 8’ 9’ 10’ 16’ 8’ 9’ 10’ 12’ 14’ 16’ 18'
Standard Height 7' & 8' 6'-10'

Colour options

Every door is finished with a factory-applied, baked-on, two-coat polyester paint finish giving years of maintenance-free operation.

The door may also be painted to suit the exterior colour specifications of your home. SC2 offers custom paint.

Note: The accuracy of the colours displayed may vary depending on the settings of your monitor. To obtain an exact colour reference, please contact SC2 for colour samples.

Available in t-12

Custom Paint

Available in t-16

Sable Grey
Weathered Wood - Elite
Custom Paint

Window Options

26"x14" - Plain Lite

Available in 5/8″ ThermoPane.

Satin Texture

26"X14" - snap-in decorative Designs

Available in White, Sandstone and Brown.

Somerton - 3 Panel Design
Wynbridge - 3 Panel Design

26"X14" - Inlaid Muntin Bar Designs

Muntin Bars available in White, Brass and Pewter.

Glazing Options Clear Satin Bronze Tint Dark Tint
5/8” ThermoPane Glazing Available Available Available Available
Muntin Bar Options Muntin Bar Colour Options Clear Satin
Regal Muntin Bar - Narrow
Regal Muntin Bar - Double Narrow
Brass Available --
Black Available --
Pewter Available --
White Available --

Regal Muntin Bar - Narrow
Brass Available --
Pewter Available --
White Available Available

Regal Muntin Bar - Wide
Black -- Available

Stanton Muntin Bar - Narrow
Brass Available --
Pewter Available --
White Available Available

Stanton Muntin Bar - Wide
Black -- Available