We provide installation of commercial and residential garage doors and garage door openers.

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From damaged panel replacement to dysfunctional operators and broken springs, our service team will promptly repair any problem you may encounter.

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It’s important to keep your garage door running smoothly. To achieve this it may require minor adjustments, lubrication and inspection. Schedule a regular maintenance checkup today.

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Benefits of Regular Garage Door Service
  • Increases the life of your garage door and door system.
  • Eliminates the risk of garage door related injuries.
  • Helps ensure reliable, quiet and safe operation.
  • Fixes worn-down hardware that may cause potential operating issues to develop.
  • Professional garage door repairs will ensure that the components are checked and working properly.
  • Saves time and money in the future.
When Should I Service or Replace my...
Tracks or Track Hardware

Garage door tracks guide the rollers, which facilitate smooth travel of the garage door. Garage door track repair or replacement becomes necessary most commonly because of the malfunction of another door part.

Service or Replace if: 

  1. If the track is bent.
  2. If the rollers keep popping out of the track.
  3. If the track splits.
  4. If there is corrosion.
Door Panels

5 factors to consider when deciding whether to replace a damaged panel/s or to buy a new door:

  1. Availability of replacement panels.
  2. The number of panels that are damaged.
  3. The extent of the damage.
  4. The age of your garage door.
  5. The condition and colour of the other panels. 

Garage door rollers attach the garage door to the tracks and allow the garage door to open and close safely and smoothly. Rollers should be inspected at least once per year and recommended lubrication twice a year minimum. Proper maintenance, lubrication and frequent inspection can prevent future problems to occur.

Service or Replace if: 

  1. If the Roller is not firmly attached to the shaft.
  2. If the Roller wiggles.
  3. If the Roller does not spin freely on the shaft.
  4. If there are any sounds of grinding.
  5. If the Roller locks.
  6. If the Roller is cracked or if pieces are missing from the rollers.
Weather Stripping

Weather Stripping lines your garage door’s retainer, bottom, top, and sides. It protects the integrity of the door and the surface it is in contact with. It seals your garage door and keeps air in your garage while preventing extreme Canadian weather from entering. Weather Stripping should be inspected at least once to twice a year.

Replace if: 

  1. If light is coming through the areas where weather strip is present.
  2. If you can feel a breeze from the outside.
  3. If there are any pieces cracked, flaking, missing, or brittle in texture.
Torsion Springs

Torsion Springs are found on the wall above the garage door. Torsion Springs makes it easy for the garage door to be lifted, by providing counterbalance of the door’s weight while providing the strength to lift the garage door. Springs should be checked at least once a month to ensure the door operates safely.

Warning: Torsion Spring replacement is one of the most dangerous garage door repairs. You can sustain fatal injury if you are not a trained garage door professional. All service work should be carried out by trained garage door professional. If you are unsure when or how to replace parts, contact us for a full inspection, service and/or repair by a trained garage door professional.

Service or Replace if: 

  1. If your garage door does not open.
  2. If you can see signs of visible wear or damage.
  3. If there is separation in the spring.
  4. If there is loss of tension (loss of tension is indicated by springs becoming stretched or elongated).
  5. If your garage door does not remain open.
Cables & Cable Drums

The Cables and Cable Drums allow the weight of the garage door to be lifted and lowered. This system should be inspected a minimum of once a year.

Warning: Cable, Cable Drums and Torsion Springs are all connected in a garage door system. Service or replacement to this system is one of the most dangerous garage door repairs. You can sustain fatal injury if you are not a trained garage door professional. Contact us for service.

Service or Replace if: 

  1. If the garage door lifts unevenly or lifts off the track.
  2. If cables begin to fray or are broken.
  3. If cables are rusting or oxidizing.

Door panel hinges attach each door panel to one another. The hinges allow the door to bend when it is lifted open and closed. Hinges should be inspected and lubricated every 6 months.

Service or Replace if: 

  1. If the hinge is loose.
  2. If the hinge is missing screws.
  3. If the roller shafts do not move side to side.
  4. If there is squeaking when the door is opened.
  5. If there is rust build-up.
  6. If the hinge looks bent in any way.


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